WATINO’s 100th  Anniversary

Watino, Alberta, Canada. Population: 20 people if one is being generous.

July 25/15: 450-500 people more or less . . . for one day

Watino celebrated its’ 100th Anniversary on Saturday. A small band of incredibly dedicated volunteers gathered together and invited the world to join them in a celebration of life. Life now, and life yesterday. 
And the people came from far and wide. Memories came alive in the flesh. Old acquaintances became new once again. It mattered not where one cast ones’ eye for they were everywhere. It was good, and animated conversation took centre stage. 
Chronological age was merely a number on this day for there were no “old” people at this gathering, at least not if one judged it by the spring in their step, or the twinkle in their eyes. 
Watino showed up on this day in a most glorious fashion. What a testament to all those who called this place home yesterday, and those who call it home today, and those who will call it home tomorrow. And it is even a further testament to all those who came from near and far, as well as the surrounding communities, to share their support and their memories with everyone gathered here on this day.
Watino, you rock!!! 



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