img_3600When I travel I engage with others. To not do so would be a tragedy. There are interesting people everywhere and to not participate in their lives to some degree, if they so choose, seems “wrong.”
If I were to take a snapshot of a journey recently taken, a kaleidoscope would surely appear. I met Marlene in Calgary, on her way to see her daughter. She works at a hospice and that, in and of itself, tells me something about her. Also, her husband is a Cuban who has very mixed emotions about the direction Cuba and the US are heading. After all, he became an expatriate many years prior. I think he would definitely have some strong opinions about this change of direction.
And then I met Gavin from Portland who was on his way to Paraguay, a place he wants to call home. A former soldier, now retired, and quite happy to escape the political nonsense that fills the papers on a daily basis in the US. In Paraguay one gets a rest from the day to day drama that the world seems to find so appealing.
I met a family from Worsley heading to Bolivia, 8 of them in all, on a 5 week excursion to visit relatives. We arrived in Houston at 10 pm one evening. They chose to go to a hotel to get some rest. I chose to tough it out in the airport. Apparently, their stay didn’t work out that well and we ended up with about the same amount of sleep. They might as well have stayed at the airport.
Ft St. John was also represented by a young lady heading for Cancun, and then Playa Del Carmen for some beach time. She was all alone but determined to soak up the sun for the next ten days.
Then the couple behind me began discussing the Canal so I had no choice but to share a few tips with them. First they were off to Panama City, then the Locks, and finally Boquette. I didn’t bother mentioning to them that on one of my trips an Indigenous uprising led to a standoff for an extra 8 hours, and resulted in a rather large bonfire right in the middle of the Inter-American Highway (Pan-American) near Santiago. Finally, we were allowed through, but these roadblocks are frequent in Panama and can result in motorists being delayed for days.
And my seat mate from Houston to Panama City didn’t speak English but with my very weak Español we did the best we could. We discussed the terrible conditions in many of the Latin America countries. He was heading home to Ecuador. I wanted to go there but I didn’t quite make it. At least, not yet.
That’s what happens when I travel. I’m interested in others lives and stories. And people are anxious to share if given a chance.I love travelling and meeting new people, especially from cultures different than my own.

Travel on!


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