Tired of the hypocrisy that his life had become, Aaron bought a one way ticket to Mexico, the first stop of a journey that would take him into situations he could not have fathomed only days before. What follows is a tale of secret training camps, conspiracy, freedom fighters, the plight of the indigenous in Panama, corruption at the highest levels, espionage, indoctrination, and murder. And love. Borders seemed to disappear as Aaron made his way from country to country, unaware that he was being shadowed the entire time by those who would ensure that he reach his (their) ultimate destination, Panama. He was the “piece of the puzzle” Marcos had been searching for, and when the gringo stumbled into a “training camp” his life would no longer be his own. Marcos had been driven from Panama by Noriega 30 years prior and now he was back to claim the country that should have been his long ago and it didn’t matter who stood in his way! And Aaron would be the key!


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