Who am I, you ask? Why should you read this blog? …..First of all, you don’t have to read this blog; you have the power in your finger tips to cast me out into cyberspace – your choice! If you choose to come along for the ride, then know this, I will call it as I see it. This blog is really a diary for me; if you wish to share this journey, well, welcome aboard! I am on a journey of discovery, seriously, searching to know the truth about me. I find life incredibly interesting and exciting but it can only be so if I (and you) connect with others who love life, who live large, who know real value lies not so much in our travels, but, in the people that we meet. Where does my value lie; where does your value lie? I’m discovering truths about myself on a daily basis, and it is good! I’m not saying I’m good; what I am saying is this : the truth is good. Yes it is! I am sure I am different things to different people; what you think of me, or whether you agree or disagree, is really up to you, is it not? Values in today’s society are constantly under siege; I will draw my line in the sand, and, I suggest you do the same! This is all I have to say!


One thought on “A LITTLE BIT ABOUT ME ……..

  1. We had a wonderful time in Portland, you, Sally and I. Yes, we will keep in touch. As soon as I get a handle on the Lightroom stuff, I will send you the photos I took of you and Sally on Saturday.

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