I can feel it all coming together. It’s taken longer than I thought it would, but as surely as some doors are closing, others are most assuredly being opened. Oh what a feeling!

Of course, I may just be delusional, but I think not. I am, on the other hand, optimistic and realistic (according to me), definitely purpose driven, and my cup doth runneth over!

And it runneth over in so many areas of my life. I am truly blessed and I know it! I am duty bound to do something with the bounty that has been bestowed upon me.

I have often been accused of living in a fantasy world, and though I may take a trip to that imaginary land, I most assuredly live in the real world. But, my world lies far beyond the artificial borders of one country. I am truly global, as all of are, whether we know it or not.

I embrace that which I do not know, and am the richer for it. So, join me in this journey of a lifetime, or at a minimum, step aside and let me pass.




He was flipping through my photos last night when suddenly he just stopped, and practically fell off his chair.

“What’s wrong?”

“We have it!”

“We have what?”

“We have our lead photo! This is perfect! Now we can finish your site!”

So that’s why the lead photo on is the one you see below. Trying to remain somewhat anonymous with this web designer ain’t gonna work! And I guess it’s not supposed to.

“After all, we’re trying to promote you, not put you in the witness protection plan! This is all about you and you need to get on board!”

“Yes sir!”

And so from here on in, you’ll be getting a lot of self promotion from yours truly. Man, that is not what I want to do! But, if I want to convince you to read my books, or check out my blogs, or my photos, I best do what I’m supposed to.

So here you go!


I decided that I had to add some context. This is a dangerous place, and is subject to eruption at any time. In fact, had I known then what I know today, I probably wouldn’t have went there. On second thought, what a crock! Of course I would have went there! Here’s a site you may want to check out: and another photo.



I had a couple of interesting discussions today with some very good friends. We spoke freely about anything and everything. It’s refreshing, and lacking in a society where one must be so careful about what one says lest we offend someone.

I like to push boundaries a wee bit to find out what people “really” think about a particular subject. I must say, that on occasion, I am surprised at their response. It is so easy to assume that we know how the other person thinks, when in fact, we aren’t even sure “exactly” what we think.

But is that not the point of having “elevated discussions?” To question long held beliefs that were perhaps arrived at with little thought; to think outside the box, and perhaps arrive back at the exact same spot, but now knowing why you think what you think.

Or perhaps arriving at a different conclusion. That can be challenging, particularly if it collides with the beliefs of those whom you most associate with.

Imagine! Thinking for one self! How dare you! Who do you think you are?



And now it’s a go! I AM THE ONE by DD ANDER. Available on and for your reading pleasure! Check it out and you may never talk to me again, or perhaps the opposite is true, you’ll want to get up close and personal. Hmmm . . .

It took time. Time to pull the book together. Time to get the cover precisely the way I wanted it. And it took time to find someone to format it. But it was time well spent.

I think I know where my future covers may come from. I know for sure who I will get to do my formatting. I put out some feelers to see what kind of response I would get, and one person in particular really stood out. He has offered me advice and direction that I was not expecting! And he’s asked me to contact him with whatever questions I may have. In fact, we are still working out a few details as we head into this adventure. He also offers other services as well, so if you need someone to do some work for you, I’ll gladly pass on his info.

I’ll be rolling out lots of info over the next few days re my website, photos, blogs, and so. One way or another, I want you on board!

So, check me out! You just might like what you read! And . . . a second novel is close to be completed. It’s a true story on a totally different subject that may just be up your alley. It’s a story involving yours truly. And that’s all you’re going to get for now!

Happy Reading!



I didn’t really have a choice. It was freezing outside but the hoar frost, my God, was gorgeous! So I decided to brave the elements and attempt to capture some of the beauty that practically shouted out to me. Many of us look but few of us see, and of late, I fit in the “lookers” category and that’s not where I ever want to be, in any area of my life.

So with camera in freezing hand, off I went to explore this world of fantasy right before my eyes. Now, if you know me at all, you’ll know that I can’t just snap a couple of shots and call it a day. Not me. Freezing or not. So, an hour later, and not sure whether I’ve frozen any body parts or not, I shiver my way to the eating establishment of choice to warm up and download the fruits of my labor. The way I’m shaking, there had better be something of value on that SD card to make up for my sacrifice.

Of course, I had to warm up the IPAD and the card, so while they took care of their needs, I promptly ordered a Diet Coke with ice. That should warm me up I hope.

It seems that I had some success after all, so here’s a few for those of you who still check out this blog from time to time.










“Go climb a mountain. You know what you can do and what you can’t. You’re not the type to let those sitting on the couch tell you what to do.” Wise words from my cardiologist. “There’s nothing wrong with you, and besides, if you’re like me, and I think you are, you’re going to live your life the way you want anyway.”

He knows me, this man. As does my family doctor. As does our local specialist. Live life to the fullest. Live with an attitude of gratitude. Go for it!

I know this makes some people nervous but the alternative is crippling.To live in fear is to not live at all. It means, to settle. And that I won’t do.

I am not one to complain, but I was beginning to wonder about all of these appointments that I had been summoned to. Just because I had no symptoms didn’t mean that there wasn’t a problem. With all the roadblocks we’ve encountered over the last years, nothing would have surprised me.

So, another potential obstacle is removed. But still a few remain, and they too will be removed over the coming months.

There is much to do, and the time is short, so it’s best that I get to it!



Did you ever stop to think about how many “new” people come into your life over the period of a week, or a month, or a year? For some of you, counting your fingers will suffice; for others, you may need to add a few toes; and for others, it would take a calculator.

Obviously, there are many different reasons for this. For some of you, the thought of meeting new people is literally terrifying. For others, it is life giving, like the air we breathe.

Some of us retreat to the mountains, or the ocean, perhaps to the cabin; anywhere that offers sanctuary from those who would invade our space. And then there are the others; those who wade into the crowds or surround themselves with others at every opportunity.

But the majority prefer a balance, sometimes alone; sometimes among others. It is interesting to me how much we are the same, and yet how utterly different we are.

What makes me sad is the sheer number of lonely people who make up the crowds. These are the people who want others in their life, and yet are unable to make the personal contact that would breathe “life” into them. We all need “relationships” whether we know it or not.

We are not designed to be alone. Sometimes all it takes is a simple smile; perhaps something as benign as “hi,” or perhaps unfold those arms and invite people in.

And sometimes, those who appear to have all the friends in the world are in fact, the loneliest people of all.